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Hello, art keeper

In a universe full of possibilities, we have been chosen to be worn by you. You, who can see the beauty beyond the jewel, you were born to stand out, to be unique and be admired. 

Now you can make an impact by wearing this little sculpture of modern mexican art. It has been modeled, sculpted and assembled with a delicate balance of ancient jewelry making techniques and cutting-edge technology.

Let it shine 

Thanks for selecting our products! To keep it in optimal conditions, please look for our care advice directly in our website: 

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Our products are produced with high quality standards and are also stamped with our logo to ensure their authenticity.

Every piece is produced with high quality standards and are also stamped with our logo to ensure their authenticity. Our warranty covers defects in manufacturing and/or  materials under regular conditions of use for a period of six months from the date of  purchase.
To make a claim, you most show this certificate and the purchase receipt. Our manufacturing manager will validate the pieces to certify that they have been used with the proper care and do not show any kind of alterations, accidents or missing parts of any kind. Further details of care methods are listed below.

Change of heart?

In case your purchase is not of your complete satisfaction, we offer product exchanges. You will be able to switch your purchase for another of the same or higher price by covering  the extra amount) at the original point of purchase.

The exchange period must be within 30 days after date of purchase.

All exchanges will be accepted only if the piece(s) is/are in optimal conditions and come with their original package without any alterations.


Everyday use, sunlight and even your own PH can harm the vermeil, color or shine of your pieces, we recommend to follow the next steps to keep them in their best possible conditions.

• Remember to apply your body lotion, make up, deodorant, perfumes and any other type of product that contains chemicals before you put on your jewelry. This will avoid jewelry damage caused by components of these types of products.

• Clean your jewelry once or twice a month with a soft cloth or microfiber. Do it  softly to avoid damaging the finishes.

• Take a careful look to the labels of jewelry cleaning products. It is possible that they are not suitable for all kinds of metals and finishes.
• Remember to store your jewelry in the velvet pouch included in your purchase to prevent damages.

• Vermeil pieces should be cleaned with a dry flannel cloth. Avoid liquid cleaning agents.

• Vermeil and other jewelry finishes could be damaged by excessive light, heat or  humidity. Keep them away from extreme weather conditions.

• Avoid hitting the gemstones, pearls, mother of pearls, crystals and zirconia that are part of your Mina Ro Mina pieces.

• Any  damage made to gemstones, pearls, mother of pearls, crystals and zirconia can only be repaired with an added cost determined by a further evaluation of our manufacturing manager.

• Gemstones, pearls, mother of pearls, crystals and zirconia should be cleaned with a damp cloth or with a drop of neutral soap.

•  Some gemstones or crystals can change their original colors if they are exposed to sunlight for long periods.

Other than that… enjoy!